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Our walls, made entirely of fiberglass, allow to hide the bottom of your balcony, gallery or patio. They blend in with the gallery or patio. We offer the classic model or the ventilated model; these two models can be combined to obtain various configurations. We also offer access doors that can be easily installed.


Benefits of Balco Tech low walls

  • Made to measure (up to 8 feet tall)

  • The classic wall hides the bottom of your balcony

  • Ventilated wall is an alternative to PVC trellis

  • They transform the underside of the balcony into practical storage space

  • Raise the pace of your balcony

  • Lets pass the air to keep the bottom of the balcony dry (ventilated wall)

  • Choice of 9 colors


Benefits of Balco Tech Low Walls vs. PVC Mesh

  • Beautiful visual appearance.

  • Do not yellow.

  • Longer life

  • Does not warp to heat and does not shrink

  • Easy installation

  • Color choice

  • More resistant to UV rays

  • Maintenance free

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