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We manufacture balconies, decks, galleries and patios from custom molded fiberglass panels. These factory-built panels at controlled temperatures are very strenght. They are designed with premium materials. A gelcoat, three times thicker than the industry standard, is applied on the surface. It gives your balcony unparalleled impermeability. The wood grain finish on the surface is a high-performance, permanent anti-slip. When wet, it provides suction under your feet for superior grip.


Balco Tech Balconies are engineered with fiberglass and blend in well with all types of exterior cladding. They are offered in a variety of finishes and colors. No matter the size or shape, we make your balcony according to your tastes and requirements.

The Balco Tech Patrimoine Series replicates the traditional wooden gallery while combining the durability of fiberglass. Its custom panel design prevents water from drip below the balcony.




The Balco Tech Elegance series, with its more classic look, fits all types of galleries, terraces, patios and balconies. It is suitable for a clientele looking for good money value combined with great durability.



The Balco Tech Vintage series, rich in design reminiscent of worn wood planks over time. A perfect choice for those looking for a unique and distinctive style.



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